How to Launch a Bitcoin Startup, Yahoo and Pinterest Payments.

This week we focused on a few requests from Dustin Byington and Brian Lawe. We responded by giving a few predictions to what Yahoo may do in payments, as they have been notably silent for years. Next we give thoughts on how to grow a Bitcoin Startup, specifically answering these questions: If Bitcoin (crytpo) was your startup and your goal was to expand adoption as quickly as possible: What is the biggest problem Bitcoin solaves? What is the most actionable problem Bitcoin solves? How do you anticipate Bitcoin evolves from 1 to 2? What demographic would you target in the US? What demographic would you target globally? We also dig into how Pinterest should get into payments and what may end up hurting them if they do it wrong.

Wow, Apple Pay Just Changed Everything!

The earth quaked the moment Apple released news of their move into the payment landscape with Apple Pay. Some business models were immediately crushed while others were accelerated. Brian and Faisal collectively have written 1000's of answers on payments give us the breakdown of how this announcement will effect us all.

Interview: Nate Stewart, CEO – Zing

I am very excited to publish this interview with our guest Nate Stewart, CEO of Zing. Nate tells the story of how ZingCheckout was born, how the company acquired early customers, and what the future of retail commerce looks like. The mission at Zing is to create the future of retail software, starting with the Point of Sale.

Learn How To Mine Crypto currency. From The Experts Who Do It.

Episode 32 In this episode we dive deep into the technique and tools the experts use to mine crypto currency. This will part 1 of a multi part series teaching you how to make money mining cryptocurrency. We'll discuss everything you need to get started, what websites you should use to monitor and grow your … Continue reading Learn How To Mine Crypto currency. From The Experts Who Do It.

Guest: Cass Phillipps – Organizer of Failcon

This episode Cass Phillipps joins Brian, Faisal and Mike on the show. Cass was the creator of FailCon. FailCon is a conference for startup founders to study their own and others' failures and prepare for success. FailCon is produced in over a dozen cities on 6 continents around the globe by people just like you. Cass started her career in the performing arts where she brings many of her learnings to the technology industry. She now works as a game designer at Pocket Gems on their newest title, Episode – Choose Your Story. We discuss perspectives on startup failure, performing arts and finding your life's calling.

Guest: CEO Kuapay, Joaquin Ayuso de Paul

We invited Joaquin Ayuso de Paul, CEO of Kuapay on the show. Juaquin has one of the most interesting startup stories I've ever heard, he built "The Facebook of Spain" and sold it for $99Million in 2010. He then moved to Santa Monica, CA and started Kuapay, which has had great success by launching in Chili as a test market first. Come list how he did it!

Brian Roemmele and Mike Townsend Get Philosophical

Brian and Mike get philosophical as some major tectonic plates shift in the payment world and what this means for all of us.

Amazon’s Secret Payment Plan

On Episode 28 of Around the Coin, Mike Townsend, Brian Roemmele (Romm-lee), and Faisal (f uh y - z uh l) Khan (k AA n ) discuss what the CEO of Starbucks is planning to do with the most successful mobile payments app in the world. Also, Amazon’s secret plan to combine same day delivery, payments, and the new Fire phone. Lastly, we discuss the release of the brand new Stellar cyrptocurrency.