Etsy and Square Behind the Scenes and the Untold Story of Payments Giant, North American Bancard.

In this episode we started with Mike Townsend and Brian Roemmele's experience with Apple Pay, then covered the big topic of Etsy launching their own card reader to compete with Square. Then we discuss an often overlooked, but massive aspect to the payment industry, the drama of the offline payment processors.

An Explanation of Carl Icahn and a Response to Marc Andreessen

This week we covered multiple topics with a vibrant conversation between Brian, Mike and Faisal. Below are the highlights: Carl Icahn history (Gordon Gekko/ Wolf on Wallstreet) Brians answer to Marc Andreessen (earthquake to hit financial) PayPal splits with Ebay Serbia Russia banning bitcoin Disney’s example setting the trend

Clinkle Launches, PayPal Integrates BTC, and Facebook Partners with Stripe.

This week we talk about the official launch of Clinkle, which has had controversial reactions. Paypal integrates Bitcoin which shakes the industry and potentially has massive effects. Facebook partners with Stripe in anticipation of Facebook payments in messenger. And of course at the end we dig into a few insights within Apply Pay.

Interview: Ohad Samet, CEO – TrueAccord

Ohad Samet is truly a magician. He has one of the most interesting track records of anyone we've had on the show, he was an early employee at Fraud Sciences Corporation (started by a few israeli special forces) which was acquired by PayPal for $169 Million, worked at PayPal for a few years then started and sold his company, Signifyd to Klarna. Now he's looking for a third big win with his new company TrueAccord offering debt collection services to companies by innovating in an industry that hasn't changed in 30 years. Listen to his amazing story and give leave a comment below!