How to Discover Your Life’s Work

This week Brian and Mike dig into some deep topics this week, particularly how to find your path in life and other general topics. - How Brian relaunched onTwitter - Why Social profile is mandatory - HomeHero retreat brings people together, it’s all about people - How Flowtab and ZingCheckout became an obsession - How to connect life with expertise - Why having 2 roller coasters going is important - Generation gap between WW2, dreams - Sharel Sandberg married David Goldberg, the current CEO of SurveyMonkey - Decisions are not better or worse, they’re just different (Ted) - Steve Jobs cancer / Tim Cook going publicly gay

MCX just declared war on Apple Pay

This week we dive into MCX, we talked about the history of the organization and why it is probably doomed. MCX (Merchant Customer Exchange). MCX is the collection of efforts by major retailers to eliminate the expense of Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX by creating their own payment network. Unfortunately the project now competes directly with Apple Pay and may be hitting some rough waters soon...

Interview: Nick Tomaino, Coinbase Launches Bitcoin Tipping to the Masses.

Nick Tomaino is the Business Development Manager at Coinbase and is responsible for the growth of Coinbase's new product that may just change the entire social construct of the social internet, Tipping. Many companies have tried and failed, but Coinbase is the world's most popular Bitcoin wallet, and they have the unique position to crush it. Learn what Nick and the Coinbase team have created and how they're planning to roll out out to the world.

Fincen causes an earthquake by regulating Bitcoin

Today we talk about how the Money2020 conference became one of the most most important payment conference in the world in just a few years. Faisal Khan talks about the interesting moves Poynt has made recently and why they are in a great position. We also touched on the recent Fincen Ruling around Bitcoin, why MCX server hacking could put them in the grave and the ever growing Starbucks payment ecosystem.