Where Does Apple Watch Go From Here? Square Order, Balanced Both Shutdown

As one product is born another passes away... What a huge week for Apple as they debut the Watch with both promise and criticism as we have Brian give us amazing insights as to how it will all unfold. Two major payment companies shutdown, Square's mobile ordering product, 'Order' closes up shop after it fails to see significant growth and BalancedPayments closes its' doors after conceding to its direct opposition, Stripe.

The Hidden Backstory to the PayPal and Samsung Acquisition

This week we talk about the recent acquisitions by PayPal and Samsung with perspectives on future strategies of these companies and shining light into the complex and fascinating world of payments.

Fast, Faster, Fastest Payments.

In today’s era, there is immense business and consumer pressure on banks and payment processors to expedite payments. Over the past couple of years, we are seeing many geographies transitioning from 2-3 days payment cycles to 1 day. By today’s standards, even this is not enough. Customers now want fast payments (definitions vary, but lets … Continue reading Fast, Faster, Fastest Payments.

Mobile Payments Today, Top 10s

Top 10 Most Popular on Mobile Payments Today Got one of the email newsletter from Mobile Payments Today. This is definitely worth sharing: Top 10 White Papers Mobile Payments 101: Retail Mobile Payment 2015 [infographic] The HCE - Tokenisation Testing 101 LIVE WEBINAR: Optimizing customer signup flows in your mobile and web channels cGate - Direct … Continue reading Mobile Payments Today, Top 10s

Did You Know: Online vs. Branch Banking Preference

Source/Reference 70% of Americans prefer digital to branch for account opening

Secret Apple watch data Released & How Marketplaces pay their workers

This week Brian, with his inside connections at Apple, described what it was like to wear the Apple Watch for a full day and naturally we all made predictions about future impact of the watch and other wearables. We then touched on Google acquiring Softcard, and lastly we talked about how Marketplace companies (Uber, HomeHero, Instacart etc) handle payments to workers and some of the recent legal changes to 1099 workers that have had a huge effect.

Did You Know: PayPal vs. AliPay

Source / Reference: AliPay vs PayPal for Mobile Payments PayPal Buys Paydiant, The Mobile Wallet Behind CurrentC, To Raise Its Game v. Google + Apple

Periodic Table of Payments & Samsung’s Attack on Apple Pay

Around the Coin podcast We make this podcast out of passion. If you enjoy listening, please make a donation of Bitcoin. If we ever make more than we spend, we will donate it to charity. Our Bitcoin Address: 1LQZF3yYSSHi5qturYCXuuoRf2cSzRwRE Episode 52 This week we covered a bunch of topics listed below: Faisals periodic table study
 Federal portal opens Dwolla 
Samsung Acquires Loop to compete with Apple Pay 1 year review: Facebook + Whatsapp Stripe's incorporation of Bitcoin Our speakers in this week's episode: Brian Roemmele Faisal Khan Mike Townsend Resources: Mind Map of Money Monetary Velocity & John Exter’s Inverse Pyramid Finextra news: Federal payments portal opens up to digital wallets from PayPal and Dwolla Making Transactions with the Government More Secure What’s Up with WhatsApp And Payments? Samsung acquires Apple Pay competitor LoopPay Four Numbers That Explain Why Facebook Acquired... Monetary Velocity & John Exter’s Inverse Pyramid