Episode 221: Tegan Kline, Founder of Edge & Node (prev. The Graph)

Tegan Kline, Founder of Edge & Node (prev. The Graph)

Tegan Kline is founder of Edge and Node, (prev. Business Lead for The Graph), an indexing and query protocol organising the world’s open blockchain data and making open data a public good. Tegan helps leaders and innovators connect more deeply with stakeholders across the blockchain ecosystem. Tegan is the former International Business Development Manager and … Continue reading Episode 221: Tegan Kline, Founder of Edge & Node (prev. The Graph)

Episode 220: George Gvazava, CEO of CryptX Wallet

Around the Coin Episode 220 George Gvazava, CEO of CryptX Wallet

George Gvazava brings diverse finance expertise from his roles at Deloitte, Galt & Taggart (the largest investment bank in Georgia), and, as the CFO at Brokers.IO, a group of fintech companies. Most recently, he became a CEO of CryptX, an easy-to-use Crypto Wallet with institutional grade security. George also loves sharing his knowledge and experience … Continue reading Episode 220: George Gvazava, CEO of CryptX Wallet

Affirm Gets A $275M Adrenaline Shot While Clinkle Collapses

Episode 62 Brian and Mike have fun this week chatting about recent topics in the news and as usual diving deep into the behavioral psychology and economics behind it all. Topics we touched on include Clinkle, Moven joining Accenture, Square raising more money, Affirm raising $275M, Ripple fined $700,000, LearnVest acquired for $250M. Our speakers … Continue reading Affirm Gets A $275M Adrenaline Shot While Clinkle Collapses

Zing.co CEO Nate Stewart Talks About Acquisition To BigCommerce

This week was a special show as we had guest Nate Stewart on the show to discuss the acquisition of Zing.co to BigCommerce. Nate Stewart and Mike Townsend worked together in the early days of Zing and so the story of Zing being acquired carries a special significance.

Bitcoin Tech Vs Wallstreet – A Love Hate Story. Tesla And Circle Make Moves.

We covered a few topics this week in a passionate debate about the future of payments and technology in our world. 1. Tesla’s new $3,000 Powerwall 2. Circle raises $50M 3. Bitcoin battles Credit Unions 4. Western Union 'Exploring' Pilot Program With Ripple Labs

Founding Partner of Commerce Ventures Dan Rosen Shares Investment Insights

We had Dan Rosen, long time Venture Capalist on the show this week to share his investment thesis and what sectors of the payment industry are hot right now as well as insights into trends.

The Inspirational Story of the Digital Finance Institute with Christine Duhaime and Sam Maule

This week we had Christine Duhaime and Sam Maule of Digital Finance Institute join us on the show with an incredibly inspiring story of how they grew this non-profit organization into a world-changing endeavor through the lens of payments.

Story of Charlie Shrem Going to Jail and New SEC Crowdfunding Law

This week Brian shared his experience of joining Brett King on podcast Breaking Banks. While Brians podcast focused on Apply pay, we learned of an incredible story of Charlie Shrem, a payment technology entrepreneur who is going to jail because of a retroactive law that outlawed specific transactions from years ago. In the second part of the podcast we discussed the recent change in SEC raising the limit to $50 million that can be raised by private companies.