Episode 165: Interview with Andy Bryant COO bitFlyer Europe

In this episode, we get a chance to sit down and have a chat with Andy Bryant, who is the COO of bitFlyer Europe. bitFlyer is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange in Japan and holds additional licenses in Europe and the United States. We talk with Andy where we stand today with respect to crypto exchanges and what might we see in the coming months/years as cryptocurrency trading evolves more into the mainstream.

About Andy Bryant:

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Episode 164: Is Speech Too Dangerous To Be Free?

Premier Fintech Podcast – Around the Coin

Faisal, Mike, and Brian jump right in the deep end debating the decision of tech giants like Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook to ban people for spreading the wrong ideas.

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Fintech Podcast – Episode 157 – Pulse Check on the Crypto Payments World

The original crew – Brian Roemmele, Mike Townsend, and Faisal Khan –  get back on the air. This time we discuss all that is going in the world of payments, especially crypto-based regulation.


Official Website: http://aroundthecoin.com

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Crypto Podcast BTC – Behind The Coin – Ep 4 – Terms of Endearment in the Crypto World

On this week’s podcast, we discuss why common terms like addresses, wallets, pre-mines, and forks confuse newcomers and observers in the space.

We clear up common misconceptions which are costing many crypto traders millions in BTC and ETH. Learning this one “not-well-known” recovery process can help you get back any BTC or some alt-coins you may have lost.

Lastly, we talk about some of our favorite crypto lingo.

Here’s the link to the original post that started the beloved term HODL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=375643.0


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Fintech Podcast – Episode 156 – Interview with the Co-Founders of Kora

Around the Coin got a chance to sit down with both the Co-Founders of Kora, Dickson Nsofor (CEO) and Maomao Hu (COO).

Kora is a blockchain company that is focused on bringing low-cost access to financial services to as many people as possible. They are building a blockchain network and embedding into it functionality where it can be accessed by anyone thus helping people access the blockchain without the internet by going through telecom networks. They are investigating betas this year around solving the problem of financial infrastructure, including payments to Nigerian farmers, trade financing to Colombian coffee exporters, and core systems for a Bangladeshi co-op.

About Dickson Nsofor

Dickson of Kora
Dickson is a serial entrepreneur who has led organizations in Internet, Hardware & Technology. Dickson is a blockchain researcher, & is an Advisor to a number of blockchain projects. He is a Lecturer at INSEEC Business School London, teaching Blockchain for Finance and Social Good. He founded Lixon Mobile, a low-cost mobile phone brand focused in the Chinese and West African Markets which got acquired by GSEMC China. In 2017, he founded Kora to build infrastructure for inclusive financial systems.

About Maomao Hu

Maomao’s experiences have focused on the intersection between machines and people. In 2014, he founded the Artificial Intelligence practice at management consulting firm The Capital Markets Company. Later, he joined AI startup Neurensic to lead technical sales and implementation for their machine learning based compliance solution. Seeing the potential and impact of Blockchain, he moved from AI to co-found Kora.


Official Website: http://aroundthecoin.com

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