Episode 229: Andreas Fletcher, Project Manager of the Trustlines Network

Around the Coin Episode 229 Andreas Fletcher, Project Manager of the Trustlines Network

In this episode, Mike Townsend interviews Andreas Fletcher. Andreas is a project manager of the Trustlines Network at Brainbot. He has a background in finance and has been in the Blockchain Space since 2013. After supporting the development of the enterprise blockchain solutions for the biggest stock exchange in Europe, including pilot projects with the German Central bank, he decided to join the more revolutionary space of Ethereum.

In 2018, Andreas joined Brainbot, a blockchain development studio. Brainbot is one of the main contributors of the Trustlines Network and on behalf of it, Andreas is leading the project development.

The Trustlines Network is a community project that empowers people to create their own money and make digital payments. It aims to provide a complimentary financial alternative to unbanked and underbanked people.


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