Fintech Podcast – Episode 153 – Interview with Lawrence Richardson CEO of Zero Sum Markets

Episode 153

Take game theory, throw a lil’ bit of real-money, add the stock markets of the world, squeeze some incentives and don’t forget a pinch or two of the crypto-world and shake it (or stir it) – what do you get? You get daily fantasy trading! Trade against your peers and not the professionals. Listen to our interview with Lawrence Richardson, CEO Founder of ZeroSum Markets.

About ZeroSum Markets Platform:

The ZeroSum Platform is a peer versus peer competitive platform that allows individuals to create and participate in competitions that require a measurable skill in a given subject matter. Users enter with a defined entry fee and if victorious against their peers win prizes immediately.

Initially created to isolate trading skill in trading competitions the platform and technology base are extensible in order to support any desired peer versus peer competition event. The ZeroSum Platform is already built and available at – ongoing development and support for third-party implementations are continuing to bolster the ZFX Token.

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Otter Labs -> Otter helps startups hire talented inexpensive developers faster through staff augmentation, focusing on Argentina.

Redeeem -> Redeeem is a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange that lets you save 15% or more on gift cards using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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