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Podcast Update…

Nearly three years ago, Mike Townsend and Brian Roemmele were just two other users of Quora — like myself. What got us together online was our love for payments and asking questions. But more importantly, answering questions.

It was it guess inevitable in many ways for us to come together.

Mike, who along with Brian Roemmele would eventually become my esteemed co-hosts, initiated the original idea of doing a podcast together (see screenshot below).

The genesis moment…
The genesis moment…

The result: Around The Coin, our podcast on all things, banking, payments, fintech, crypto and economics.

Available on…

Today, as we approach our 150th episode, we’ve come a long way. From the original 5 listeners on the very first show to nearly 20,000 listeners today, we’ve always struggled to take the show to the next level due to our personal commitments.  

Mike Townsend & the resident “Maestro” Brian Roemmele
Mike Townsend & the resident “Maestro” Brian Roemmele

Mike Townsend has now earned the title of Co-Host Emeritus as he is now mentoring us, but at the same time looking for his next big adventure in life, which invariably involves a lot of swimming, cycling and running. The way Brian and I see it — Mike’s taking a break. His seat here will forever remain.

Brian Roemmele and I are now planning and hoping to take the podcast further. What does this mean?

  • More co-hosts… we’ve reached out to some friends who would do justice on the microphone.
  • More podcasts… from our original of 4 podcasts a month, towards the year end, we will be publishing 12 podcasts a month, of varying flavors and topics.
  • Open for advertisements… We’ve managed to run this podcast from our own pockets for the last 3 years. We are now going to be open to commercial placements to cover the post-production expenses and advertising.
  • We are hiring! Yes, we are in search of a full-time Producer for our show! (click on the link for Job Description)
  • Varying formats: As we plan to put out 12 podcasts a month, with varying formats and program lengths.
  • Vlogs / Live Shows: If you want to see live shows, via Facebook Live or live radio broadcasts, do let us know, we are seriously considering if this is something we should offer to our listeners.

We are open to all suggestions. We might not incorporate all of them, but we are certainly in a listening mood. So if you have something to say, please send an email to [email protected] and be sure to let us know what you’re thinking.

We never thought the podcast could be this successful, but it has been, and to each and every listener, contributor, those who retweeted or shared the podcast, thank you!

Now that we have learned to walk and run. It is time to fly.

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