Fintech Podcast Episode 133 – Blockchain, The Dark Side of AI and Jeff Bezos Talks About Day 2

Episode 133

Brian and Mike back on the show for another fun thought provoking discussion across many topics. We first covered Brian’s in person presentation to startup founders, investors and payment executives at Propeler VC last week.

This week’s two special shout outs are:

Jason Fiedler VC Investor @ Red Sea Ventures

Brett Caine CEO Urban Airship

During the conversation, we discuss banks –  the purpose of them in the past vs the future, and how banks will or won’t survive the change on the horizon. We touch on the benefits of writing on paper vs. typing on a computer to retain information as well as whether it is appropriate to take notes on your phone during business meetings.

We next dive into blockchain in healthcare and talk about some opportunities for innovation there. A healthy portion of the conversation was spent covering the Jeff Bezos’s annual shareholder letter which was released this week. This letter was different than years past for one big reason! Lastly, we wrapped up with an always engaging debate about the power of A.I. and the incredible rate of progress. It remains to be seen how quickly A.I. will catch up to all human interaction capabilities, but recent developments are astonishing.

Enjoy and let us know if you have suggestions for guests, topics or special shout outs!

Topics Covered:

  3. Will Knight:


Episode 121: How Driverless Cars Will Accelerate Our Need For Basic Income.

Episode 121

This week Mike, Faisal, and Brian discuss the world where automation kills the workforce. However, before we start, a big shout out to Wikipedia that turned 16 years old today! Congratulations to Jimmy Wales, the entire team of the Wikimedia Foundation and 100,000s of contributors who donate their time and effort to make Wikipedia what it is today.

Another shout out to Tobias van Schneider who put up a really great 11 most used tools list. Whilst we generally don’t do list, this one was too good to pass up. Lastly, a shout out to Amit, the Co-Founder and Chief Curator of Let’s Talk Payments (LTP). Amit wrote a really great article on the Fintech Story, Hits and Misses from 2013 to 2016 and the Way Forward.

In addition to this, our main topic of the show was to understand how the world will transform when technologies like VR, Driverless Cards, Drones, Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin, Voice Recognition, AI, and Robotics become mainstream. How do we as a society (as we are now) embrace this change, what will happen to the workforce that would be displaced? Will society need to offer basic income to all? Listen in and discover what we have to say!

Our Speakers in this week’s episode:

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Episode 93: Where is the future of Voice Recognition and AI?


Episode 93

This week Brian and Mike discuss where is the future of voice recognition and artificial intelligence.

Show Notes:

Our Speakers in this week’s episode:

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Episode 92: Robots, Conferences, Undocumented, Currency Notes & the Historic Value of Money

Episode 92

This week, Brian, Faisal and Mike discuss the coming of age of Robots & AI and what it means for us. We touch upon the various conferences we will be attending, covering and speaking in. The undocumented work, couple that with the recent news of the eliminating the US $100 Bill, what does all this mean. What has history taught us about value transfer and control.

Show Notes:

Our Speakers in this week’s episode:

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