Fintech Podcast Episode 135 Understanding Effective Altruism And Why Amazon’s Echo Just Grew Eyes

Episode 135

Brian and Mike back at it for an intense discussion about altruism and how people think about donating money and charity. In the first part of the conversation, Brian and Mike initially discuss their favorite product of the week then spend time on Amazon’s new announcement about the new Echo with a camera. Brian takes a bullish stand on how new Echo will impact the fashion industry which he writes more in detail here. We took a deep dive into the effective altruism – which seeks to answer the simple question: “how can we use our resources to help others the most?”

Brian’s product of the week:
Victor Scheinman -16 year old student invents Emvi, a voice recognition system in the 1950s:

Mike product of the week:
A curated directory of resources & tools to help you build your Startup:

This week’s special shout outs are:

Nathan Kontny CEO Highrise

Chad Grills Founder of the Mission

Shaunta Grimes How to know what to write about.

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Potpourri Edition: From Summit at Sea to AliBaba and everything in-between.

Episode 83

This week, Brian, Faisal and Mike discuss a wide variety of topics, and in between these, we talk about Apple Car, Edward Snowden, Strangulation by Regulation, Wall Street pressure, Jack Ma of Alibaba to Jack Mama!

  • Summit at Sea
  • Square IPO
  • Barclays fined again
  • Martha Stewart moves to Amazon’s Handmade platform
  • Amazon first physical store
  • Most US consumers plan to go to for their online holiday shopping, rather than going to malls and shops, finding parking, weathering  the cold days and testing their patience
  • Apple to partner (acquire?) Postmates
  • Samsung Pay is coming to budget phones. The Korean mobile phone maker says it will be offering Samsung Pay on both its mid and low end handsets.
  • Silicon Valley Bank survey shows 43% think regulatory red tape is main hurdle to growth in fintech growth,
  • In an interesting development, a UK government report cites that “digital currencies pose lowest money laundering risk”
  • China’s Alibaba Singles Day Sale: $14.3 Billion in 24 hours. Up 60% from last year’s record: $ 9.3 Billion.

Our speakers in this week’s episode:

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