Episode 163: How Our Collective Myths Shape The World

Premier Fintech Podcast – Around the Coin

In this show, the hosts give a special thanks to listeners Kevin McKernan, Scott Dueweke, and Shahid Sharif for their ongoing support.

The first topic of discussion seeks to expose the listener to the complexity of our global banking system and how many insiders don’t appreciate the big picture of history. From there we debate ideas in cryptocurrency regulation, get a better understanding of the innovation in Baltic countries, and end on Brian’s “most important life message”.

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Episode 162: The Story of Knowledge – How Science, Psychedelics, and Ancient History shapes the World

Premier Fintech Podcast – Around the Coin

This week, the trio talk about: Hegelian dielectric (Dialectical materialism), Ted David Christian 2011 History of our World in 18 minutes, Julian Jaynes Breakdown of Bicameral Mind, The impact of psychedelics back into Western Medicine, The global political waves impacting life today, Calcite microcrystals in the pineal gland of the human brain (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12224052) and After On podcast – Harvard astronomy department chairman Avi Loeb after-on.com/episodes-31-60/040

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Episode 161: The Rabbit Hole of Currency

Premier Fintech Podcast – Around the Coin

The trio, Brian Roemmele, Mike Townsend and Faisal Khan are back on air, starting season four of Around The Coin. This week we discuss: Thoughts on why currency evolved, how it shaped the world around us, and the inevitable future direction it will take.

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Fintech Podcast – Episode 159: The Oligopoly in American Banking That No One Talks About


In our latest episode of fintech podcast, Around the Coin, Faisal speaks to Aaron Silva of Paladin FS.

Paladin FS safeguards community bankers against bad deals and helps them drive value for their customers, franchises and shareholders through incumbent vendor Core and IT banking contract renewals, smart vendor selection and preparing agreements for future M&A strategies.

In this episode, Silva sheds light on a very unique story in the banking world, that people don’t talk about. To put it bluntly, the oligopoly of the three large CBS (Core Banking System) providers in the United States, i.e. Jack Henry, FIS Global, and Fiserv. Amongst these three giants, they pretty much dominate (read: control) the core banking system and allied services market in the US.

So what’s the problem? Well, they say the devil is in the details. 1000s of banks sign away these contracts with the big 3, not knowing what they have given up, as far as the freedom, flexibility, and independence of purchasing these systems go and what happens to the ownership of the bank’s data.


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Fintech Podcast – Episode 158 – The Fragmented World of Payments

This week Mike Townsend and Faisal Khan discuss the topic that has been on everyone else’s mind, but we hardly speak of it. The fragmented world of payments and how broken the system is. We discuss with simple examples of why the cross-border money transfer system is broken and how it represents a multi trillion dollar opportunity.


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