Big Moves by Facebook, Uber, and Braintree

Episode 85

This week we talk Facebook+Uber+Braintree, what are they up to? Apple Pay and Samsung enter China partner China Union Pay, Target’s rumored new Wallet App using NFC, Global Payments acquires Heartland Payment systems, Pinterest Buyable pins now come with price tracking, plus new segments in our show, including Limelight where we showcase a new startup, a personality and an article/blog article we might have read about.

Our speakers in this week’s episode:

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Braintree, Macy’s, Paypal and would you believe it – the Kardashians!

Episode 77

The three Amigos are back!

This week we discuss a host of newsworthy items, from Braintree’s recent announcement of the volume they are doing (US$ 50 Billion) and the 154 Million cards on file. We also briefly touch on the voice biometrics for authorizing payments. Stripe’s launch of relay to make mobile shopping easier, and believe it or not – The Kardashians! (how they were hacked as soon as they came out with an app). Brian talks briefly on how it important it is to secure user data (card &/or person), and compares it to Apple Pay and how it secures it vault. Faisal talks about the repercussions if the same were to happen to the 154 Million cards on file with Braintree, and in the end Mike talks about the psychological effects of hacking.

We also discuss how Macy’s now offers PayPal to its customers online, in-store and on the mobile. Brian talks about how Android Pay will grow and how every bank will eventually jump on board. It may not be as accelerated or glamorous as Apple Pay, but it will make its mark.

Finally, towards the end, Mike’s take on Clover Health (a data driven health insurance startup) that raised US$ 100 Million and his perspective as to what this means for the startups in the healthcare and health-insurance arena.


Our speakers in this week’s episode:


  1. Braintree 154M cards on file
  2. Stripe Launches Relay To Make Mobile Shopping Easier (
  3. Kardashians Go Mobile (Get Hacked Immediately) (
  4. Macy’s, Inc. Now Offers PayPal to Customers Online, In Store and On Mobile (
  5. Did PayPal and Macy’s Just Deliver the Future of Omnicommerce? (
  6. Android Pay™ Available for Wells Fargo Customers (
  7. Clover Health, A Data-Driven Health Insurance Startup, Raises $100M (

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