Trump & T-Mobile Hacks, EMV in America, Poor Bitcoin, to Psychology of Marketplaces

Episode 78

This week we discuss we touch upon the recent rise in hacking, where customer data is being leaked on to the Internet. The most recent hack of Trump Hotels & T-Mobile – what does it mean for the consumer?

On 1st of October 2015, EMV formally became a requirement in the US, and has now shifted the liability of card fraud to the merchant is they are not EMV compliant. Brian expands on what this means for credit/debit card users in America.

Faisal briefly talks about Ben Milne (founder of Dwolla) and his blog article on Blockchains. What truly should be a banking blockchain and Ben’s vision/opinion on it.

Brian and Faisal discuss Bitcoin – has it lost its shine? There seems to be a slow down in both Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Last, but not the least, Mike touches upon the marketplaces in America, specifically understanding the psychology behind the marketplaces.

Our speakers in this week’s episode:


  1. Trump Hotels Data Breach
  2. T-Mobile Hacks
  3. EMV in America – Brian Roemmele’s take on it.
  4. Ben Milne’s Blog article on Blockchain
  5. Understanding the Psychology of Marketplaces

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Apple Pay, Android Pay, Dwolla, Free Payments and where banking is heading in general

Episode 66

In this episode of Around The Coin, Brian and Faisal talk about Apple Pay and the recently introduced Android Pay. We also discuss the merits of incorporating the Loyalty program (always the low hanging fruit).

We talked about how ad-blocking technology is going to affect revenue for large companies like Google who depend on ad-revenue. How difficult it is for existing advertising paradigms to exist.

We also talk about Dwolla’s free payments and would payments eventually become free? Also, we touch upon how such ecosystems are changing banking, slowly changing financial services.

Our speakers in this week’s episode:

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