Episode 97: Money2020 Europe, ETA & TechStars



Episode 97

This week the three payment nerds Brian, Faisal and Mike are back at it again. Faisal discusses the recent Money2020 Europe Conference that was held in Copenhagen for the very first time. Brian discusses his coverage of the TRANSACT show by ETA (Electronic Transaction Association) and Mike tells us all about how HomeHero is enrolled in TechStars with Cedars Sinai Hospital.

Our Speakers in this week’s episode:

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HomeHero raises $20 Million, PayPal’s acquisition of Xoom & what this means for Facebook and Ebay

Episode 67

The three Amigos are back!

This week we discuss how Mike Townsend (our co-host), who raised US$ 20+ Million in venture capital funding for his Senior Care Startup called HomeHero.

Congrats Mike!

Brian gives his perspective on the separation of Ebay and Paypal. PayPal’s acquisition of Xoom and how we would be seeing the new roaring PayPal and more Brian’s prediction that more acquisitions would be coming PayPal’s way. We also discuss Facebook’s Messenger which went live nationwide in the US. We discuss the possibility of Cisco entering into the payments business and towards the end we briefly discuss Ebay and what it would be doing in the days to come.

Our speakers in this week’s episode:

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