Episode 101: The insider’s take on what WWDC means for us all

Episode 101

This week, Brian, Faisal and Mike get back on air and discuss a myriad of topics. First up was Faisal’s city-hopping tour and what he learned about the Remittance (Money Transfer) world.

Brian dives into the latest WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) that Apple recently hosted and what it means for all of us.

Lastly, Mike and Brian briefly give their thoughts on Microsoft’s $26 Billion acquisition of LinkedIn.

Our Speakers in this week’s episode:

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Bitcoin startup 21 raises US$ 116 Million, NASDAQ explores Blockchain and Money Transmitter Licenses

Episode 63

This week we cover Bitcoin Startup 21 that raised US$ 116 Million. Everyone is speculating as to what 21 would be doing with the money. Would it be mining hardware? Cloud based mining contracts? or something else. NASDAQ, the stock market for the next 100 years is experimenting with Blockchain, and Faisal Khan and his quest for digging out money transmitter licenses, who has them and who might be getting them.

Our speakers in this week’s episode:


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Microsoft Payments: Fashionably Late.

Microsoft Money Transmitter Licenses

I’ve been nearly obsessed with companies who go and get their money transmitter licenses, especially publicly traded companies, because one can draw various conclusions from the Quarterly 10-Q filing reports. Ever since I broke the story on Microsoft applying for money transmitter licenses, and being awarded one license recently in Idaho, I’m trying to think where is Microsoft going with all this? (more…)