Fintech Podcast – Episode 158 – The Fragmented World of Payments

This week Mike Townsend and Faisal Khan discuss the topic that has been on everyone else’s mind, but we hardly speak of it. The fragmented world of payments and how broken the system is. We discuss with simple examples of why the cross-border money transfer system is broken and how it represents a multi trillion dollar opportunity.


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Fintech Podcast – Money On The Move – Episode 3 – The $10 Trillion Problem Of Moving Money

In this episode, we talk about the tens of trillions of dollars worth of problems faced in moving money around the world through the banking system.
What is the challenge with money moving through the banking system today?
Why is it so expensive to do a wire transfer?
How complex does it get?
How might Ripple solve this problem and will it be successful?

Fintech Podcast – Money On the Move – Episode 2 – Behind The Figures

In the second episode of Money on the Move, Faisal and Malini decode the often quoted figure of $600 billion annual remittances in 2017. They attempt to explain where this number comes from and how it is calculated. Our hosts also talk about the unbanked world, how money transfer takes place through mobile money, and the costs and challenges associated with it. They also cover the informal money transfer industry or ‘hawala’ system and discuss how to interpret the global cost of remittances.



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Fintech Podcast – Money on the Move: Pilot Episode

Money transfer & remittances account for a $600 billion economy annually. Perhaps equal in number is the informal channel. Money On the Move is the first podcast dedicated to the money transfer and cross-border payments industry.

As a podcast about how money moves, MotM will cover such topics as cross-border money transfers, domestic money transfers, mobile money, mobile payments and much more.

In this first episode, Faisal Khan is joined by our new co-host Malini Kannan. Malini is a cross-border payments and money transfer enthusiast. Currently based in Singapore, she manages Business Strategy and Operations at TransferTo.

This pilot episode discusses money transfer and some of the top themes of 2017 related to the money transfer industry such as:

  • Transferwise valuation
  • Progress for Digital MTOs
  • New money transfer users
  • Strategy of current MTOs to make the transition from physical stores to digital
  • Ant Financial and Moneygram

Our co-hosts also offer predictions for 2018 for the money transfer ecosystem. Tune in and dive into the world of money transfers.



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Episode 124: Interview with Luis Buenaventura, author of “Reinventing Remittances with Bitcoin”

Episode 124: Interview with Luis Buenaventura, author of "Reinventing Remittances with Bitcoin"

Episode 124

In this episode, Faisal Khan interviews Luis Buenaventura, author of “Reinventing Remittances with Bitcoin“. Luis is one of the early pioneers in the Bitcoin Remittance space. The concise book shares his accumulated knowledge of what he has learned about Remittances+Bitcoin.

About The Book

When Bitcoin was created in 2009, its most obvious use was as a way to send money across the planet as easily as sending an email.

The potential benefits for the 230 million migrants all over the world sending US$430 billion back home each year could be enormous. But beyond all the rhetoric, there is still the practical implementation that has yet to be sorted out.

Luis Buenaventura, author of "Reinventing Remittances with Bitcoin"
Luis Buenaventura, author of “Reinventing Remittances with Bitcoin”

This book collects stories about the pioneering startups who have been focusing on this exciting new space since 2013. From Nairobi to San Francisco to Manila, each new company brings us a little closer to the perfect solution: an affordable, safe, and universally accessible money transfer network unlike anything the world has ever seen.

Luis is a Manila-based entrepreneur specializing in cryptocurrencies, and has been focusing on the Bitcoin remittance space since 2014. With his startup Bloom, Luis helps money transfer businesses improve their processes with Bitcoin and the blockchain.

His past writing on Bitcoin and its impact on various industries has been featured on Quartz, Techcrunch, The Next Web, Tech in Asia, and Rappler. Luis has been building tech startups in the Philippines for nearly a decade, and blogs at Cryptonight.

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