Episode 100: Voice First Revolution – Breaking It Down With Mary Meeker

Episode 100

Brian and Mike discuss the industrial strength report as published by Mary Meeker of Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers and the 2016 Internet Trends report she publishes every year. Brian breaks down the report on the various aspects of Voice First Revolution.

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Episode 99: There Is A Revolution Ahead And It Has A Voice

Episode 99

Today Brian and Mike discussed the news of Viv Labs launching publicly and the representative revolution in AI this represents.
The core of the discussion stems from the ideas of exformation (information subconsciously filtered out to give you a seamless perception of reality) originally presented in our interview of Tor Nørretranders. We use these building blocks and the history of basic human communication and technological progress to draw predictions on the future of how tech will creep up on us and change our everyday lives.

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Episode 87: Interview with Tor Nørretranders

Tor Nørretranders



Episode 87

  • New book: Light! On light in life and the life in light
  • Life in the early 80’s working in Danish broadcasting television
  • Inspiration for User Illusion – on being a 11 year old goalkeeper
  • Covering Exformation
  • Tough decisions on driverless cars
  • Is Singularity a reality, and when?
  • Benjamin Libet – ½ second delay, and when are we aware of a decision
  • What is the future of science in consciousness?
  • Closing message to listeners

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Our speakers in this week’s episode:

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