Periodic Table of Remittances

    Faisal Khan, the co-host of Around The Coin podcast, recently published the World's First┬áPeriodic Table of Remittances (Money Transfer). The original post along with the links of the entities depicted in the table above can be found here.   About the Author: Faisal Khan is a banking / payments consultant and digital money … Continue reading Periodic Table of Remittances

Constantine Firun, Co-Founder of VoisiCard

Episode 64 This week, Faisal Khan interviews Constantine Firun, Co-Founder of VoisiCard. Voisicard is a full stack banking solution for Telcos. It provides interoperability between MNOs and raises ARPU offering user-friendly banking services for subscribers along with customer intelligence data for merchants. On the back-end, Voisicard reduces fraud risk and optimizes Telcos banking expenditures. Transaction … Continue reading Constantine Firun, Co-Founder of VoisiCard

Changing Landscape of Remittances

This week on Around the Coin we talk about the "Changing Landscape of Remittances". Our in-house expert, Faisal Khan explains the current state of world remittances and a few major business opportunities over the next few years. Around the Coin.