Crypto Podcast BTC – Behind The Coin – Ep 5 – Interview with Tyrone Ross of NobleBridge Wealth

This week Behind The Coin Host Nako Mbelle sits down with Tyrone Ross of NobleBridge Wealth. Tyrone has more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry.

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Crypto Podcast BTC – Behind The Coin – Ep 4 – Terms of Endearment in the Crypto World

On this week’s podcast, we discuss why common terms like addresses, wallets, pre-mines, and forks confuse newcomers and observers in the space.

We clear up common misconceptions which are costing many crypto traders millions in BTC and ETH. Learning this one “not-well-known” recovery process can help you get back any BTC or some alt-coins you may have lost.

Lastly, we talk about some of our favorite crypto lingo.

Here’s the link to the original post that started the beloved term HODL:


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Crypto Podcast – Behind The Coin – Ep 3 – Interview with Thomas Euler

In the third episode of Behind the Coin, we talk to Thomas Euler, who has created a framework for the cryptocurrency space called The Token Classification Framework. Our co-host, Nako, discusses the details of this much-needed framework and gets some insights into the motivation behind it.

About Thomas Euler

A writer, analyst & consultant, for the past 10+ years, Thomas worked with countless clients – global corporations, SMEs, and startups – on their digital strategy and transformation efforts. His main subjects are internet business models and antifragile organizations. Due to his long-standing interest in decentralized systems, he researched the blockchain space from early on. These days, Thomas is working in the blockchain space with the Untitled INC network, doing consulting and developing independent projects.


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Crypto Podcast – Behind The Coin – Ep 2 – Why We Believe in Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

It is just as important for us to discuss the reasons WHY we believe in Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain as it is to discuss HOW to participate in them. The WHYs are the only way you will be able to understand and withstand the huge volatility in the market. The goal of this episode is to shed some light on the world of crypto for you to understand the WHY and then HOW to participate in this brave new world of crypto and blockchain.


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Crypto Podcast – BTC Behind The Coin – Pilot Episode

Behind The Coin (BTC) is a brand new weekly podcast series that focuses on the world of crypto!

We’ll cover new developments in bitcoin and discuss Alt-coins and ICOs we find interesting.

The aim of this podcast is to get you up to speed with the current state of crypto.

Join us every week as we delve into the exciting world of mining, staking, trading and investing in the myriad of available tokens and coins.

We’ll also be interviewing the movers and shakers in this space to better understand what motivated them to create their projects.

This pilot episode sets the tone for what’s to come. We’re glad to have you come along for the ride!


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