Bitcoin Tech Vs Wallstreet – A Love Hate Story. Tesla And Circle Make Moves.

We covered a few topics this week in a passionate debate about the future of payments and technology in our world. 1. Tesla’s new $3,000 Powerwall 2. Circle raises $50M 3. Bitcoin battles Credit Unions 4. Western Union 'Exploring' Pilot Program With Ripple Labs

Facebook Payments and a Brief History of Social Payments

This week Brian and Faisal dove deep into social payments, with an in-depth history of the social payment landscape that puts a fascinating perspective on predictions for how social payments will turn out.

Did You Know: Online vs. Branch Banking Preference

Source/Reference 70% of Americans prefer digital to branch for account opening

Did You Know: PayPal vs. AliPay

Source / Reference: AliPay vs PayPal for Mobile Payments PayPal Buys Paydiant, The Mobile Wallet Behind CurrentC, To Raise Its Game v. Google + Apple