Fintech Podcast – Episode 150 – Discussing Segwit & Segwit2X with Ryan X. Charles

Episode 150

Bitcoin recently experienced a hard fork which resulted in Bitcoin classic if you will and Bitcoin Cash. This was because of Segwit. Now there is Segwit2X coming up and the possibility to have perhaps another form of bitcoin – i.e. there will be 3 different versions of bitcoin out to trade and use.

To explain all this, we needed to bring an expert in. Ryan Charles is the Cofounder and CEO of

Ryan’s been involved in the blockchain industry since 2011. He’s has worked as an engineer at BitPay and BitGo as well as he was the Cryptocurrency engineer of Reddit from 2014-2015. As a proponent of Bitcoin Cash, Ryan explains to us the intricacies of what’s happening with Bitcoin.

To help us with that, I’ve invited Nako Mbelle who is one of our new co-hosts and she will be having this illuminating chat with Ryan.

About Ryan

Ryan X. Charles is the Cofounder & CEO of Yours. Yours is a social blogging platform like Medium, but with a twist: Users can place a pay wall at a location and price of their choosing inside their article. They can charge any amount they want for their article, say 1 cent, or 10 cents, or one dollar or more. But more than that, we have a number of other payment mechanisms to get people paid not just for creating content, but also curating, moderating and commenting on content.

Ryan X. Charles has been involved in the blockchain industry since 2011. He has worked as an engineer at BitPay and BitGo. He was the cryptocurrency engineer of reddit from 2014 – 2015. He has been full-time on Yours since 2015. The beta launch of Yours was in late August, 2017.


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Fintech Podcast – Episode 149 – ICO Mania – Equifax Hack & Apple

Episode 149

The duo is back: This week Faisal Khan & Brian Roemmele are back together on the air after a brief break. We discuss the gold-rush behind ICOs and the move by China to ban ICOs (or Token Sales) and what impact will that have on the ICO industry. Will it get worse before it gets better or will we see a strong regulation clamp down? In other news the recent breach at Equifax, of the three leading credit scoring agency, where possibly millions of records on Americans consumers have been compromised. What does this mean? What effect can it have on the economy and the whole credit rating system itself? Will the playbook be rewritten? Lastly, we discuss what will happen on 12th September when Apple possibly releases the new iPhone, being dubbed as iPhone X by Brian Roemmele.


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Fintech Podcast – Episode 148 – The Smart POS – Interview with AEVI CEO Nelson Holzner

Episode 148

If you think the point of sale terminal is just this static old machine through which you swipe your card, well, I’ve got news for you. Times-a-changing. On this show, we have Nelson Holzner CEO of AEVI from Germany and he is here to tell us, the new POS is not your grandfather’s POS anymore. Innovation has come knocking on the merchant’s door.


About AEVI

AEVI brings acquirers closer to their merchants, and merchants closer to their consumers, with an open Ecosystem that combines apps, payment services and a multi-vendor selection of payment devices.

We offer this with the two main components of our white-label and cloud-based solution portfolio: “Value added apps & services” and “Secure transactions”.

Value added apps & services

Today it’s not enough to offer just a Payment Terminal.

Selecting from a marketplace of high-quality apps and services, retail banks and acquirers can quickly create differentiated, innovative SmartPOS solutions under their own brand. It enables them to offer individual experience to meet the needs of their merchants by providing tailored, value-added solutions for different vertical segments, such as retail, hospitality & travel, services, health, financial services and much more. Our goal is to enable banks, acquirers, ISOs, and VARs to create a unique merchant offering with a choice of hardware and (app) content for their preferred merchant verticals. All of this creating more tailored proposition leading to a better relationship with their merchants and at the same creating new (app) revenue streams.

Secure transactions

Our centralized payments as a service platform eliminates obstacles, and helps Acquirers simplify the complex payment landscape with a single integration and access to a comprehensive suite of cloud-based, back office reporting tools for enhanced control and flexibility. Through our centralized payment platform, your merchant’s transactions are not restricted by borders, regulations, currency or device vendors.Instead of locking merchants into a single system or device, our vision is an open, collaborative payments Ecosystem. We welcome Acquirers, App Solution

Instead of locking merchants into a single system or device, our vision is an open, collaborative payments Ecosystem. We welcome Acquirers, App Solution Partners, and Hardware Vendors to build on our vision.


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Fintech Podcast Update.

Podcast Update…

Nearly three years ago, Mike Townsend and Brian Roemmele were just two other users of Quora — like myself. What got us together online was our love for payments and asking questions. But more importantly, answering questions.

It was it guess inevitable in many ways for us to come together.

Mike, who along with Brian Roemmele would eventually become my esteemed co-hosts, initiated the original idea of doing a podcast together (see screenshot below).

The genesis moment…
The genesis moment…

The result: Around The Coin, our podcast on all things, banking, payments, fintech, crypto and economics.

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Today, as we approach our 150th episode, we’ve come a long way. From the original 5 listeners on the very first show to nearly 20,000 listeners today, we’ve always struggled to take the show to the next level due to our personal commitments.  

Mike Townsend & the resident “Maestro” Brian Roemmele
Mike Townsend & the resident “Maestro” Brian Roemmele

Mike Townsend has now earned the title of Co-Host Emeritus as he is now mentoring us, but at the same time looking for his next big adventure in life, which invariably involves a lot of swimming, cycling and running. The way Brian and I see it — Mike’s taking a break. His seat here will forever remain.

Brian Roemmele and I are now planning and hoping to take the podcast further. What does this mean?

  • More co-hosts… we’ve reached out to some friends who would do justice on the microphone.
  • More podcasts… from our original of 4 podcasts a month, towards the year end, we will be publishing 12 podcasts a month, of varying flavors and topics.
  • Open for advertisements… We’ve managed to run this podcast from our own pockets for the last 3 years. We are now going to be open to commercial placements to cover the post-production expenses and advertising.
  • We are hiring! Yes, we are in search of a full-time Producer for our show! (click on the link for Job Description)
  • Varying formats: As we plan to put out 12 podcasts a month, with varying formats and program lengths.
  • Vlogs / Live Shows: If you want to see live shows, via Facebook Live or live radio broadcasts, do let us know, we are seriously considering if this is something we should offer to our listeners.

We are open to all suggestions. We might not incorporate all of them, but we are certainly in a listening mood. So if you have something to say, please send an email to and be sure to let us know what you’re thinking.

We never thought the podcast could be this successful, but it has been, and to each and every listener, contributor, those who retweeted or shared the podcast, thank you!

Now that we have learned to walk and run. It is time to fly.

Fintech Podcast – Episode 147 – Interview with Mike Jones CEO of Science Inc

Episode 147

It is not every day you get to interview great people. Mike Jones who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Science Inc., a very successful VC firm based out of Los Angeles. We get to talk to Mike about his past success (Dollar Shave Club, Famebit, HelloSociety to name a few), and how the idea behind Science came about and what is it that they do differently. Also, we have Mike open up a bit about their upcoming Science ICO.

About Science

The founders of Science, Inc., one of the most successful start-up incubators, who together have helped reshape and build the value of California’s startup ecosystem, today announced the formation of a new incubator, “Science Blockchain,” that will allow investors to participate through an ICO in a focused effort to operationalize, grow and monetize Blockchain technology and its applications.

There’s no question blockchain is a transformational technology that can disrupt the way nearly every business or financial transaction takes place. Yet it’s still at an early stage of its development and so represents a major growth opportunity for both entrepreneurs and investors, especially if they’re given structure, guidance, resources and a high standard of governance of the kind that the Science, Inc. team has a track record of providing.

A New Bar For ICO’s

Recognizing that blockchain technology can also be used to redefine how an investment vehicle operates for the benefit of its participants, Science, Inc. will fund Science Blockchain via an initial coin offering (ICO).

The structure will allow investors a chance to participate in any upside two ways: first, via a direct distribution of tokens issued by portfolio companies to incubator token holders, and second, by using a fixed percentage of returns from the sale of portfolio companies to buy back incubator tokens on the market.

While not the first investment vehicle to offer investor participation via an ICO, Science Blockchain is the first incubator to do so, and intends to firmly take a leadership position in this emerging marketplace with regard to structure, transparency, and compliance.

The investment focus of the incubator will be companies developing and deploying blockchain technology, in particular, those that develop protocols that help companies ICO and help the ICO market mature.

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