About The Hosts

The mission behind Around The Coin podcast is to offer entrepreneurs an alternative perspective for growing their business in and around the payment industry.

Our members include:

Mike Townsend

Mike Townsend Host of Around The Coin Podcast

Mike’s started his career working as a design engineer at Brookstone Inc. in Singapore, then as a mechanical engineer at ITT Corporation in Los Angeles designing radar systems for military grade UAVs. In 2010 Mike founded ZingCheckout, one of the first web-based POS systems. He then founded Flowtab – mobile payment app for the nightlife industry (story here: www.flowtab.com) and remains very active in the payment industry. Mike also competes in triathlons and is in the process of setting a world record for the fastest marathon while dribbling a basketball. 

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Brian Roemmele

Brian Roemmele Host of Around The Coin Podcast

Brian started off studying Quantum Physics and Astro Physics in college.  He quickly realized his technical abilities could provide for a huge advantage when Visa and Mastercard first began distributing their payment terminals and merchant accounts. Brian started his own Independent Sales Organization and grew it to over 800 people.

Over the years Brian developed a love and appreciation for the hard working merchants. Brian now devotes a majority of his time bridging the knowledge gap between technology companies and the practical and pragmatic local merchant.  He is an expert payment industry strategist and a true historian to the business lessons of the past.


Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan Host of Around The Coin Podcast

Faisal Khan is a banking, payments and fintech consultant. He is the co-host of Around the Coin, a weekly podcast on Banking, Money & Payments and is also the resident payments expert on Quora. Faisal specializes in the design, solution architecting and validation of Payment Systems & Networks based on the current payment rails, and on advance rails such as Bitcoin, etc. He is well versed with laws/compliance issues related to Financial Regulators, Anti-Money laundering, KYC, Money Transmitter & Money Service Business Licensing issues in US, Europe and Asia.

His speciality is in the designing of cross-border payment networks & systems and finding pragmatic solutions to complex payment problems. Faisal is also an evangelist for Bitcoin.

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