Constantine Firun, Co-Founder of VoisiCard

Episode 64

Constantine Firun Co-Founder VoisiCard



This week, Faisal Khan interviews Constantine Firun, Co-Founder of VoisiCard. Voisicard is a full stack banking solution for Telcos. It provides interoperability between MNOs and raises ARPU offering user-friendly banking services for subscribers along with customer intelligence data for merchants.

On the back-end, Voisicard reduces fraud risk and optimizes Telcos banking expenditures. Transaction costs for real-time regional and international payments are significantly lower without changing how Telcos work with conventional banks.

On the front-end, customers and merchants get user-friendly, affordable and widely available mCommerce/eCommerce and brick&mortar payment platform compatible with existing infrastructure (mobile and PC) with additional banking services – including remittances, P2P loans and automated investments.

Voisicard combines military grade voice biometry, state-of-the-art cryptography and sophisticated machine learning techniques delivering industrial-grade financial and customer intelligence product.

Technically Voisicard is a middleware product designed to connect Telco’s billing and banking account. Interoperability between multiple Telcos is available via cryptographic protocol powering payment platform. As of February 2015 Voisicard is in alpha development stage with fully developed roadmap and production-ready front-end solution compatible with mobile and PC devices. Back-end and integration with telco billing is ongoing. Deployment is ongoing with MVNO launching in 12 European and Asian markets in late 2015.

The team behind Voisicard has a vast experience in financial services technology, voice biometry, speech recognition and machine learning. Previous projects include High-Frequency Trading algorithms, intelligent personal assistants, real-time bidding platforms and conventional banking software integrations.

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