Episode 197: Xiaohan Zhu, CEO of Meter.io

Around the coin podcast interview with Xiaohan Zhu, CEO of Meter.io


Mike Townsend interviews Xiaohan Zhu, CEO of Meter.io. Xiaohan Zhu is an engineer by training, he was born and raised in China, and moved the US to go to graduate school at UC San Diego, and eventually got his MBA at Wharton before working as an engineer at Microsoft and Motorola.

In 2016 he became fascinated with cryptocurrency and global finance and started ZMT Capital investing in Blockchain, and ICOs. In 2018 Xiaohan started Meter.io to further enable of the crypto community by using the cost of production and the miner’s behavior and the proof of work system as the key piece of feedback that enables stable pricing of their Meter token.

Learn more about what makes Meter special on the deep dive interview!

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Xiaohan Zhu, CEO of Meter.io
Xiaohan Zhu, CEO of Meter.io


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