Episode 201: Moaz Hamid, CEO of MvmtAi

ATC Around the Coin Interview Episode 201 Moaz Hamid CEO MvmtAi


Mike Townsend interviews Moaz Hamid.

Moaz is a mission-driven technologist and strategist, solving for the future of jobs and medicine, and the role of Robotics and AI. He is mvmtAi (move.ment a.i. // a health tech startup) founder and CEO, advisor for SoftBank Robotics, and a board member for Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

Moaz is also advisor and mentor for seed stage startups for Yellow (accelerator) by Snap Inc., and early stage startups and chair of the advisory board for Startup Boost (pre-accelerator), as well as, LA underserved youth entrepreneurship program, embarcLA.

He previously served as general manager and partner with Google, and before it with Microsoft, as well as led investment, strategy, and launch of the smartphone brand HTC, and many other global brands, like, Skype, BullGuard, Sonim, Neo, and SouthWing.

After the successful launch of HTC, Moaz also helped lead investment and strategy of many other smartphone companies, like Palm, Samsung Mobile, and Sony (Ericsson) Xperia with Microsoft, and then on their transition to Android and Chrome OS with Google.

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Moaz Hamid, CEO of MvmtAi


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