Episode 315: Arnab Naskar, Co-Founder of STOKR

Around the Coin Episode 315 Arnab Naskar, Co-Founder of STOKR

In this episode, Mike Townsend speaks with Arnab Naskar, Co-founder of STOKR, the EU’s pioneering digital marketplace for alternative assets, where smart investors connect with and fund forward-thinking founders. Arnab oversees STOKR’s business strategy and is dedicated to promoting open and decentralized capital markets. He is a regular speaker at major blockchain conferences and webinars in Europe. Coming from a legal background, Arnab has a passion for the intersection of law and tech and has led and contributed to blockchain policy discussions as a member of INATBA, an association focused on advising lawmakers and regulators with regards to their blockchain strategies.

Arnab Naskar, Co-Founder of STOKR


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