From Square S1 to ApplePay, to Microsoft Wallet to Bitcoin to Identifying Business Opportunities

Episode 81

Our speakers in this week’s episode:

In this week’s episode:

  1. Square S1 thoughts
  2. One Women takes Square for millions- Rookie mistake takes 2 years to discover- solitary seller represented nearly 23% of Square’s transaction and advance losses for the first half of 2015
  3. Apple Pay turned 1 year
  4. Microsoft wallet (
  5. Identifying Business Opportunities – is there a pattern to identify these ideas?
    1. How 3 guys created Blue Apron, a $2 billion recipe-delivery business with 2,500 employees, in 36 months – Blue Apron (
    2. Slack $2.8B
    3. Pinterest valuation:
  6. Bitcoin pricing
    1. What 2016 Holds for Bitcoin Businesses (October 18, 2015,
    2. EU Rules Bitcoin Is a Currency, Not a Commodity — Virtually (Oct 22, 2015,
  7. Sweden first country cashless (

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