Interview with Les Riedl, CEO of GlobeOne and weekly roundup!

Episode 69

Interview with Les Riedl, CEO of GlobeOne.

Les Riedl CEO of GlobeOne



About GlobeOne

GlobeOne was established in 2013 by a group of socially minded entrepreneurs – all accomplished leaders in their respective industries – who are aligned on a mission to create financial opportunities for the growing number of dissatisfied, underserved, and socially conscious millennial consumers to improve and enhance their financial well-being.

Capitalizing on the worldwide explosion of access to mobile-based devices and the development of new technologies, GlobeOne provides access to a social banking solution based on an innovative global financial ecosystem for a community of networked Member Banks, Corporate Members and Individual Members. The new ecosystem not only provides for the Individual Members’ banking needs but also a global solution for financial exclusion and immobility.

Through GlobeOne’s innovative digital platform, the GlobeOne Member Banks will offer a demand deposit account with a debit card, a security savings account, a secured line of credit, domestic and international transfers between GlobeOne Members, and access to the patent-pending global income-building SocialBoostTM program, which gives Individual Members the opportunity to earn a new income stream and build savings while helping those who need it most.

Our goal is to have 50 million Individual Members in 30 countries through a network of Member Banks by 2020. Our priority markets are U.S., Mexico, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Colombia, India, China, Philippines, Brazil, EU, Nigeria, and Indonesia.

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