Mobile Payments in Africa, Remittance in Dubai and Apple’s TV + Apple Pay

Episode 76

Mobile Payments in Africa, Remittance in Dubai and Apple’s TV + Apple Pay

This week Brian and Faisal discuss the Faisal’s recent travels to Africa to discover and learn about mobile payments in Africa, part of the financial inclusion discovery tour.

Faisal discusses the mobile payments landscape in Tanzania and how mobile payments are being used by all facets of society. In addition Faisal also discusses his recent trip to the labor camps in Dubai and how migrant workers are sending remittances back home, along with a surprise discovery when it comes to smartphones.

Brian delves deep into Apple’s September 9th (2015) event and what it has in store for us. In particular Brian elaborates on his Quora post about how Apple TV + Siri + Apple TV Apps + ApplePay might just be a reality for us all. How Apple is taking the bringing the big screen back and how our lives will change with the anticipated Apple TV launch. Brian hints at what he thinks will be Apple’s strategy with respect to how we interact and do commerce with our TV and Apple devices, using Siri and ApplePay.


Our speakers in this week’s episode:

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