PayAnywhere & Apple Deal, and How 1099 vs. W-2 Works in Service Based Marketplaces

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Episode 75

PayAnywhere & Apple Deal, and How 1099 vs. W-2 Works in Service Based Marketplaces

This week Brian and Mike cruise through recent news, giving insight to the recent PayAnywhere & Apple exclusive partnership, breaking down what it takes to get a successful partnership with Apple. We chat about the international world of payments in Kenya’s recent partnership with PayPal and end discussing the changing landscape of 1099 independent contractor models vs W-2 employee model and what the implications are in today’s world.


  1. Etsy’s new app to pay local artisans
  2. PayAnywhere exclusive for Apple $5000 free Apple Pay transactions.
  3. Apple pay, September 9th announcements
  4. Social:   ** Why Has “Social” Failed In Fintech? (
  5. PayPal to ‘Unlock Global Marketplace’ in Kenya ( Intersection of the financial machine with business & community creation and growth
    (possible topic title?)
  6. Bank Activity: ** Wall Street banks have changed the way Silicon Valley’s top startups raise money (
  7. Independent contractor 1099 vs W-2 discussion in service based marketplaces

Our speakers in this week’s episode:

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