Potpourri Edition: From Summit at Sea to AliBaba and everything in-between.

Episode 83

This week, Brian, Faisal and Mike discuss a wide variety of topics, and in between these, we talk about Apple Car, Edward Snowden, Strangulation by Regulation, Wall Street pressure, Jack Ma of Alibaba to Jack Mama!

  • Summit at Sea
  • Square IPO
  • Barclays fined again
  • Martha Stewart moves to Amazon’s Handmade platform
  • Amazon first physical store
  • Most US consumers plan to go to Amazon.com for their online holiday shopping, rather than going to malls and shops, finding parking, weathering  the cold days and testing their patience
  • Apple to partner (acquire?) Postmates
  • Samsung Pay is coming to budget phones. The Korean mobile phone maker says it will be offering Samsung Pay on both its mid and low end handsets.
  • Silicon Valley Bank survey shows 43% think regulatory red tape is main hurdle to growth in fintech growth,
  • In an interesting development, a UK government report cites that “digital currencies pose lowest money laundering risk”
  • China’s Alibaba Singles Day Sale: $14.3 Billion in 24 hours. Up 60% from last year’s record: $ 9.3 Billion.

Our speakers in this week’s episode:

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